123rd New York Volunteer Infantry

1862 - 1865


Battle of Chancellorsville
May 2-3, 1863

Regimental Headquarters Lt. Col. Franklin Norton - killed

Company A Sgt. William Harrison - killed
Sgt. Joseph Stafford - wounded & captured
Cpl. William Manning - wounded
Pvt. Joshua Allan - wounded
Pvt. William Bartlett - killed
Pvt. Oscar Baumes - killed
Pvt. Anson Bentley - wounded
Pvt. Ezra Bouter - wounded
Mus. Palmer K. Clark - wounded & captured
Pvt. Alexander Dobbin - captured
Pvt. George H. Hay - wounded
Pvt. John H. Hyde - killed
Pvt. Henry Lampman - killed
Pvt. James Pilling - wounded
Pvt. John Shearer - wounded
Pvt. Oscars Sparhawk - wounded & captured
Pvt. Caleb B. Tefft - wounded
Pvt. Charles Tucker - wounded
Pvt. Leroy Wright - wounded
Pvt. Hiram T. Young - wounded

Company B Pvt. Seymour Bennett - wounded
Pvt. Leander Pelot - captured
Pvt. George Stover - killed

Company C 2nd Lt. John C. Corbett - killed
Sgt. R. W. Farrel - wounded
Sgt. Leonard S. Gillette - killed
Cpl. Orville Manville - wounded
Cpl. George Wright - killed
Pvt. George S. Black - wounded
Pvt. John Carle - wounded
Pvt. Pascal L. Cook - wounded
Pvt. Frank Cull - killed
Pvt. John Douglas - wounded
Pvt. William Holt - killed
Pvt. Henry F. Johnson - wounded
Pvt. James Killgallon - wounded
Pvt. William P. Lamb - wounded
Pvt. George H. Leonard - killed
Pvt. Nathan Leonard - killed
Pvt. Franklin Moon - wounded
Pvt. David H. Sager - killed
Pvt. James J. Sherman - wounded
Pvt. Hiram Tafft, Jr. - wounded
Pvt. Nathan Thompson - wounded

Company D Sgt. Henry Sartwell - wounded
Sgt. Rice C. Bull - wounded & captured
Cpl. Alexander Nicholson - wounded
Pvt. Jeremiah Finch - killed
Pvt. John Hall - wounded
Pvt. Isaac McNutt - killed

Company E Capt. Norman F. Weer - wounded
Cpl. Joseph Collier - wounded
Sgt. James A. Norton - killed
Cpl. Sidney B. Weer - wounded
Pvt. Byron Briggs - killed
Pvt. William Graham - wounded
Pvt. Amos Rhodes - wounded
Pvt. Edward L. Tanner - wounded & captured

Company F Cpl. George L. Taylor - killed
Pvt. William M. Brady - wounded
Pvt. Garner Baker - killed
Pvt. James S. Dobbin - wounded
Pvt. Duncan R. McDougall - wounded
Pvt. George McKibben - wounded & captured
Pvt. Peter Robbins - wounded
Pvt. William C. Skellie - wounded
Pvt. William H. Smith - wounded
Pvt. Robert M. Williams - captured
Pvt. William J. Wood - killed

Company G Sgt. Jerome B. Rice - captured
Sgt. George H. Wells - wounded
Pvt. Hiram W. Brown - wounded
Pvt. Clarence Coulter - killed
Pvt. Alexander Ellis - wounded
Pvt. George W. Lambert - wounded
Pvt. William Martin - killed
Pvt. John McComber - killed
Pvt. Sylvester R. Warren - captured

Company H Sgt. Wm. H. Denison - wounded
Cpl. Wm. H. Stewart - killed
Cpl. Garrett W. Briggs - wounded
Cpl. William J. Cruickshank - wounded
Pvt. John S. Doig - wounded
Pvt. Archibald Johnson - killed
Pvt. James McMurry - captured
Pvt. John A. Mairs - killed
Pvt. Michael McFarland - wounded
Pvt. John A. Perkins - wounded & captured
Pvt. William L. Rich - killed
Pvt. Albert Streeter - wounded
Pvt. Charles E. Wood - wounded

Company I 2nd Lt. Albert Shiland - wounded
Cpl. George L. Dennis - captured
Pvt. James A. Bassett - wounded
Pvt. Roswell K. Bishop - killed
Pvt. John Cobb - wounded
Pvt. Josiah Fletcher - wounded
Pvt. Rufus Galloway - wounded
Pvt. John Hover - captured
Pvt. Thomas Hennelly - wounded & captured
Pvt. William Hagerty - wounded
Pvt. John Ketcham - wounded
Pvt. William D. Neil - captured
Pvt. Louis H. Phelps - wounded
Pvt. Robert W. Skellie - wounded
Pvt. James S. Springer - captured
Pvt. James P. Wicks - wounded

Company K Sgt. Horace E. Howard - killed
Cpl. Marek H. Knapp - wounded
Cpl. Warren Ostrander - wounded
Pvt. George H. Cowan - captured
Pvt. Albert W. Doane - killed
Pvt. David J. Humphrey - wounded
Pvt. John McCoy - wounded
Pvt. Milo Shaw - killed
Pvt. Edward Tanner - wounded
Pvt. William A. Tooley - captured
Pvt. Fayette Wilbar - wounded & captured

Battle of Gettysburg
July 1-3, 1863

Company A Pvt. William Fenton - wounded
Pvt. Wallace Orton - wounded

Company B 2nd Lt. George Washington Smith - wounded
Pvt. John R. Hamilton - wounded

Company C Pvt. Michael Crowley - wounded
Pvt. Wesley P. Huntington - killed

Company E Capt. Norman F. Weer - killed
Pvt. John Bell - killed

Company F Pvt. Robert J. Cronk - wounded

Company K Pvt. William McNorton - wounded
Pvt. Walter Smith - wounded
Pvt. N.G. Thayer - killed

Battle of Resaca
May 15, 1864

Company A Pvt. Charles Tefft - wounded

Company B Sgt. Willard P. Harris - killed
Pvt. Edwin Pearson - wounded

Company F Pvt. James Y. Hay - wounded

Company H Pvt. William Priner - wounded

Company K Sgt. Charles D. Cowan - wounded
Pvt. George Osborne - wounded
Pvt. Amos C. Potter - wounded
Pvt. John Pitts - killed
Pvt. Henry Wilkins - wounded
Pvt. William Waters - killed

Battle of Cassville
May 19, 1864

Company D Pvt. Albert Woodruff - wounded

Battle of New Hope Church
May 25, 1864

Regimental Headquarters Col. Archibald L. McDougall - killed
Lt. Col. Adolphus H. Tanner - wounded

Company A Pvt. Burdick Fuller - wounded

Company B 2nd Lt. George Washington Smith - wounded
Pvt. William Barber - wounded
Pvt. Bernard Carroll - wounded

Company C Capt. Adolphus H. Tanner - wounded

Company D Sgt. James L. Cummings - killed
Pvt. Orson Brinor - wounded

Company E Cpl. Franklin Woodard - wounded
Cpl. John Wright - wounded

Company F Pvt. William R. Campbell - wounded
Pvt. William J. Knickerbocker - wounded
Pvt. Thomas Rogers - wounded

Company G Pvt. Peter Crombie - killed

Company H Sgt. Larned S. Amidon - wounded
Pvt. Henry J. Cleveland - wounded

Company I Pvt. John Obern - wounded
Pvt. Robert W. Skellie - killed
Pvt. Louis Tripp - wounded

Company K Pvt. Horace H. Tooley - killed

Battle of Pine Mountain
June 16, 1864

Company B 1st Lt. William D. Brown - wounded
Pvt. Harlan Harrington - wounded

Company H Pvt. Henry J. Cleveland - wounded

Company I Pvt. Frank L. Ames - wounded
Pvt. John Cobb - wounded

Battle of Kolb's Farm
June 22, 1864

Company A Pvt. John Decker - captured
Cpl. Richard H. Durham - captured
Pvt. Thomas Hughes - wounded
Pvt. Charles Lapoint - killed

Company B Pvt. Ira Durkee - wounded
Pvt. B. Franklin Smith - captured

Company D 2nd Lt. Edward P. Quinn - wounded
Lt. Walter F. Martin - captured
Sgt. Henry Sartwell - wounded
Pvt. Oliver H. Smith - captured

Company E Cpl. John Wright - killed
Pvt. Frank Archamboult - killed
Pvt. Elliott Burch - wounded
Pvt. Edward Durling - wounded

Company F 2nd Lt. Walter F. Martin - captured
Sgt. James M. Rowan - killed
Pvt. Patrick Malone - captured
Pvt. George Mickle - wounded
Pvt. David G. Stewart - killed
Pvt. John Scott - wounded

Company G Pvt. David C. Lamb - captured
Pvt. John Luddy - captured
Pvt. Matthew Monnegan - captured
Pvt. James Morrissey - wounded

Company H Sgt. Daniel R. Ross - captured
Cpl. Frank McFarland - wounded
Pvt. Austin Tool - captured
Pvt. Joseph Kearsing - killed
Pvt. Peter McNassar - killed

Company K Sgt. Fayette Hale - wounded
Sgt. Horace Dowd - wounded
Pvt. James A. Wright - wounded

Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
June 27, 1864

Company E Pvt. Luther M. Park - wounded

Battle of Peach Tree Creek
July 20, 1864

Regimental Headquarters Adj. Seth C. Cary - wounded

Company A Cpl. Joseph C. LaPoint - wounded
Pvt. Leroy Wright - killed

Company B Sgt. Joseph H. Middleton - wounded
Cpl. James B. Taylor - wounded
Pvt. William O. Aikins - killed
Pvt. George W. Harrington - wounded

Company C Sgt. William Hutton, Jr. - killed
Pvt. William H. Allen - killed

Company D Cpl. D. Ray Williamson - wounded
Pvt. Joel Harvey - wounded
Pvt. Barney Shandley - killed

Company E 1st Lt. John H. Daley - killed
Cpl. McEachron, Robert - wounded
Pvt. Brown, Darius J. - wounded
Pvt. Donley, George - killed
Pvt. Gray, Alvah - wounded
Pvt. Stiles, Samuel - wounded

Company F Pvt. Ebenezer Kinney - wounded
Pvt. John M. McMurray - wounded
Pvt. George H. Robinson - wounded
Pvt. James Stowe - wounded
Pvt. Taylor A. Hopkins - killed
Pvt. John Byrne - wounded

Company G Pvt. Henry Colter - wounded
Pvt. Peter Cowan - wounded
Pvt. Clark H. Lawton - wounded
Pvt. Henry Welch - killed

Company H Pvt. Henry Danforth - killed
Pvt. Chester Orcutt - wounded

Company I Cpl. Frederick A. Slocum - wounded
Pvt. Thomas Hennelly - wounded & captured
Pvt. George Higby - wounded
Pvt. Jacob Hermon - wounded
Pvt. Henry Chapman - killed

Company K Capt. Henry O. Wiley - killed
Cpl. Chauncy S. Gillford - wounded
Cpl. Henry Welch - wounded
Pvt. Thomas Donohoe - wounded

Battles for Atlanta
July 30 - August 18, 1864

Company A Pvt. Albert W. Potter - killed

Company H Pvt. James L. Beattie - killed

Company K Pvt. Adolphus C. Osborn - killed

South Carolina Campaign
January-March, 1865

Company B Pvt. Orville Branch - captured
Pvt. Edward Phair - captured

Battle of Bentonville
March 19, 1865

Company C Pvt. George R. Winn - wounded

Battle of Goldsboro/Moccasin Creek
April 10, 1865

Company B Cpl. Silas Ormsby - wounded

Company F Pvt. David Erwin - wounded
Pvt. William J. Nelson - wounded

Company K Pvt. William A. Tooley - killed


Company B Pvt. James Lord - wounded

Company D Pvt. Ransom O. Fisher - killed

Company K Pvt. Cassius J. Waite - wounded

Died from Disease

Company A Cpl. William Dobbin
Cpl. Roswell B. Janes
Pvt. Albert Allen
Pvt. Evander Burtis
Pvt. Zackariah Hastings
Pvt. Alexander Mitchell
Pvt. Jacobus Steves
Pvt. Archibald Weir
Pvt. Albert Wilcox
Pvt. Martin J. Wolff

Company B Pvt. John H. Beach
Pvt. James Bennett
Pvt. Alexander Burnett
Pvt. John H. Middleton
Pvt. Dwight Stone
Pvt. George Stover
Pvt. Henry Vanyea
Pvt. Munson Wheeler

Company C Pvt. Joseph H. Dilts
Pvt. Charles Donahue
Pvt. Charles H. Norton
Pvt. John Sears, Jr.
Mus. Edson Whitney

Company D Pvt. William Anderson, Jr.
Pvt. George W. Blair
Pvt. Henry A. Dedrick
Pvt. Darwin Easton
Pvt. Charles Grout
Pvt. James H. Haynes
Pvt. James H. Loomis
Pvt. Reuben W. Martin
Pvt. George Mattison
Pvt. James M. Mattison
Pvt. Alexander McLaughlin
Pvt. Edward Rice
Pvt. Alexander C. Thompson
Pvt. Asahel Ward

Company E Pvt. Alexander Beveridge
Pvt. Thomas Clark
Pvt. William J. Gilchrist
Pvt. Smith Hewett
Pvt. Adolphus Jefway
Pvt. James A. McEachron
Pvt. Ira Munson
Pvt. John Patrick
Pvt. Nathan Raymond
Pvt. Philo Smith
Pvt. Hiram L. Thomas

Company F Sgt. George L. Robinson
Sgt. Jacob Williams
Pvt. George K. Bain
Pvt. Joseph Cartwright
Pvt. William H. Emerson
Pvt. Theodore Haggart
Pvt. Henry G. Hutchins
Pvt. Patrick Malone
Pvt. John M. McMurray
Pvt. Joseph Moorish
Pvt. Harvey M. Reid
Pvt. Samuel Johnson

Company G Pvt. Dyer Baldwin
Pvt. Andrew J. Coon
Pvt. William M. Herrington
Pvt. Chauncey C. Parker

Company H Cpl. James H. Cowan
Cpl. James C. Gray
Sgt. Frederick J. Williamson
Pvt. Milo H. Brown
Pvt. Charles Billings
Pvt. Evander Burtis
Pvt. Thomas Dickenson
Pvt. Martin F. Dunlap
Pvt. William J. Orcutt
Pvt. George Sweet
Pvt. Harry G. Sweet
Pvt. David H. Warner

Company I Sgt. Clark Darrrow
Pvt. Joseph R. Beadle
Pvt. Richard Hennelly
Pvt. Albert King
Pvt. Alonzo Morehouse
Pvt. John Skellie
Pvt. William H. Phelps
Pvt. William Skellie
Pvt. William J. Scott
Pvt. Jesse P. Wood

Company K Pvt. William C. Allard
Pvt. Visti Boudevin
Pvt. Daniel S. Carmody
Pvt. Horace Dowd
Pvt. James Gordon
Pvt. Ralph E. Hayes
Pvt. George Osborne
Pvt. William Reardon
Pvt. Clark H. Waite
Pvt. Benjamin F. Wright


Company A Pvt. John Hughes

Company B Sgt. Levi Heath
Cpl. George H. Simpson
Pvt. Robert Ramsey

Company C Sgt. Michael Johnson
Pvt. Mark Bourden
Pvt. Louis King
Pvt. Charles Rose

Company E Sgt. Charles H. Barker
Pvt. John Riley
Pvt. William H. Warner

Company F Pvt. John Murray

Company G Pvt. James H. Clary
Pvt. John S. Fowler
Pvt. Charles Hoffman
Pvt. Samuel Parker
Pvt. James Scrimger

Company H Pvt. Michael Devine
Pvt. Jeremiah Holbrook
Pvt. Michael Hendrahan
Pvt. John Sweeney

Company I Pvt. Nelson Ferris
Pvt. William Hagerty
Pvt. Albert King
Pvt. Patrick Marley
Pvt. William Spanable

Company K Mus. Michael Hayes
Pvt. Edmund Warner

Information compiled by Staff.


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