123rd New York Volunteer Infantry

1862 - 1865

Roster - Company B


The town of Kingsbury, like the other towns of the county, went early to work to raise her quota under the President's call for 300,000 troops, July 1st, 1862. Guy W. Clark, A. Freeman, G.I. Stone, Jr., Walden E. Richards and A. F. Hitchcock were appointed a committee to assist in enlisting troops in the town, and George W. Warren was appointed captain of the company to be raised. This success in raising the company is shown in the fact that it was the second to report to Salem, with 88 men, and took the second in rank, "B." The bounty paid by the County to Co. B was $4400. Each man also received $50 from the state.

Commissioned Officers

Warren, George W. - was the first Captain of the company. Date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank Aug. 13, 1862; he resigned June 10, 1863; died in Texas since the war.

Shaw, James C. - was the second Captain of the company; promoted from company A.

Warren, James C. - 1st Lieut.; date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank Aug. 13, 1862; resigned Jan. 28, 1863.

Brown, William D. - was the second 1st Lieut. of the company. He was promoted from Orderly Sergeant of Co. K., to 1st Lieut. of Co. B.; date of commission May 2, 1863; date of rank Jan. 29, 1863; wounded in the leg at Pine Hill, Ga.; was afterwards military conductor; discharged at close of war.

Burton, Samuel C. - 2d Lieutenant; date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank, Aug. 13, 1862; resigned Jan. 7, 1863.

Smith, George Washington - was the second 2d lieutenant, being promoted from Orderly Sergeant; date of commission, May 21, 1863; date of rank, Jan. 17, 1863; promoted to 1st Lieut. of Co. K., date of commission, Jan. 27, 1865; date of rank, Jan. 12, 1865; slightly wounded at Gettysburg and at Dallas (New Hope Church); discharged with the regiment; born in 1844 in New York state; after the war, moved to Jefferson, Texas, with his uncle (Company commander George W. Warren) and ran a mercantile business; after the business failed, he went into radical politics promoting black equality and as a result, on Oct. 4, 1869, was murdered by a white-supremist mob while in a Texas jail on assault charges.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Burton, Martin - promoted to corporal; returned with regiment.

Capron, Edmund - Corporal; returned with regiment.

Gleason, David I. - Corporal; discharged in 1863.

Harris, Orrin E. - Corporal; promoted to Sergeant; discharged with regiment.

Harris, Willard P. - Sergeant; killed at Resaca, May 15, 1864.

Hays, Newton R. - Sergeant; returned with the regiment.

Heath, Levi - Sergeant; deserted in 1863.

Herrington, Alonzo - Corporal; discharged in 1863.

Johnson, James - Corporal; returned with regiment.

Middleton, Joseph H. - Orderly Sergeant; wounded in right arm at Peach Tree Creek; returned with regiment.

Morris, Thomas A. - Corporal; returned with regiment.

Norton, Edwin B. - Corporal; returned with regiment.

Ormsby, Silas - Corporal; slightly wounded at Moccasin Creek, North Carolina, March, 1865.

Simpson, George H. - Corporal; deserted in 1862.

Taylor, James B. - Corporal; wounded in arm at Peach Tree Creek.

Vaughn, Charles H. - Sergeant; returned with regiment.

Warren, Joseph - Corporal; discharged from hospital in 1865.


Aikins, William O. - killed at Peach Tree Creek.

Bailey, Norman L. - discharged and 1862.

Barber, Phineas - transferred in 1863.

Barber, William - wounded in the abdomen at the battle of Dallas; returned with regiment.

Beach, John H. - died in 1862.

Bennett, Dennis - never mustered in.

Bennett, James - died in 1863.

Bennett, Seymour - wounded at Chancellorsville; returned with regiment.

Blake, Andrew J. - returned with the regiment.

Blakeman, Charles F. - discharged in 1863

Branch, Orville - taken prisoner on march through South Carolina, 1865.

Bryant, Roswell - discharged in 1862.

Buck, Lemuel - returned with the regiment.

Bullard, Arnold - returned with regiment.

Burnett, Alexander - died in 1863.

Carpenter, Eli - recruit; returned with regiment.

Carpenter, Lem - wagoneer; returned with the regiment.

Carroll, Bernard - wounded in hand at Dallas; returned with regiment.

Clark, Francis - wagoneer; returned with regiment.

Durkee, Ira - wounded in ankle at Culp's Farm.

Fuller, William M. - returned with regiment

Gile, Andrew J. - returned with regiment.

Gillman, E. T. - musician; returned with regiment.

Gleason, Ruben - returned with regiment.

Green, Jabez - discharged in 1862.

Green, Jeremiah - returned with the regiment.

Green, Jerome - returned with the regiment.

Haight, Abram W. - discharged in 1862.

Haines, James - discharged in 1862.

Hall, William - returned with the regiment.

Hamilton, John R. - wounded at Gettysburg.

Harrington, George W. - wounded in hand at Peach Tree Creek.

Harrington, Harlan - leg off at Pine Hill.

Harrington, J. G. - returned with regiment; hung himself since his return.

Harrington, Wesley F. - returned with regiment.

Harris, Horace - discharged in 1862.

Hazleton, Austin - returned with regiment.

Hill, Henry - returned with regiment.

Irish, G. W. - discharged in 1863.

Knapp, John - transferred to Veterans Reserve Corps.

Lord, James - accidentally wounded in hand while on guard at Bridgeport; returned with regiment.

Martindale, William - returned with regiment.

McCloud, Thomas - returned with regiment; died in 1877.

Mead, Elias - discharged in 1863.

Middleton, John H. - died at Harper's Ferry, Jan. 16, 1863.

Moore, Charles - returned with regiment.

Moore, Joseph - recruit; returned with regiment.

Mosher, Charles - returned with regiment.

Mosher, Germond - returned with regiment.

Ormsby, Emmett L. - returned with the regiment.

Ormsby, John H. - returned with regiment.

Parks, Ezekiel - discharged 1863.

Pearson, Edwin - wounded in the hand at Resaca, May 15, 1864.

Pelot, Leander - taken prisoner at Chancellorsville; returned with the regiment.

Perry, George M. - returned with the regiment.

Phair, Edward - taken prisoner on the march through South Carolina, 1865.

Pixley, William H. - returned with regiment.

Ramsey, Robert - deserted in 1863.

Ransom, Charles L. - discharged in 1863.

Smith, B. Franklin - taken prisoner at Culp's Farm, June 22, 1864; returned with the regiment.

Stone, Dwight - died at Bridgeport in 1864.

Stone, Walter - discharged in 1863.

Stover, George - wounded in heel at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863; died May 5th on battlefield, from lockjaw.

Tucker, Louis - returned with regiment; drowned at Sandy Hill soon after return.

Vanyea, Henry - returned with regiment; died at Sandy Hill soon after returned.

Vrankin, Henry Van - discharged from hospital at close of war.

Wetman, P.C. - discharged 1862.

Wheeler, Munson - died in 1863.

White, Joseph - returned with regiment.

Yarter, Jacob - blacksmith; returned with regiment; died since war.

Information compiled by Bob Farrell.


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