123rd New York Volunteer Infantry

1862 - 1865

Roster - Company K

Granville and Hampton

Granville was thoroughly awake and put forth every effort to furnish her quota under the call for troops. On Aug. 8th, 1862, a meeting of the citizens was held at the house of R.D. Wing. Rev. S. Haynes was made chairman and A.S. Burdick, secretary. Resolutions were adopted authorizing the Supervisor to borrow $5,200 to be used for the procuring of men; $100 to be paid to each soldier enlisted to the credit of the town - this was before the state had passed any law legalizing such appropriation. To secure the matter beyond all question, the money was raised by the Supervisor executing a note for the amount, and then 116 citizens signed an agreement indemnifying in protecting the Supervisor against loss.

On Dec. 12, 1863, another meeting was held, at which Rev. Haynes again acted as chairman. The meeting approved the action of the Supervisor in raising money to provide for a bounty of $200 to each soldier. At other meetings held in 1864, prompt action was taken to fill the quota of the town. The bounty was raised to $350, and finally to $1,000. In January, 1865, the town was found to have a surplus of men, and the people of Granville did nobly in caring for the families of the soldiers who were away fighting the battles. Granville and Hampton sent 94 men out with the 123rd regiment and took position on the left as Co. K.

Commissioned Officers

Wiley, Henry O. - Captain. Date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank, August 22, 1862; killed at Peach Tree Creek.

Warren, Hiram O. - 1st Lieutenant. Date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank Aug. 22, 1862; promoted Captain Co. C. March 15,1865; discharged with regiment.

Baker, George W. - 2d Lieutenant. Date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank Aug. 22, 1862; promoted 1st Lieutenant March 15,1863; promoted Captain Sept. 23, 1864; discharged with regiment.

Austen, Judson H. - Sergeant; promoted the 2d Lieutenant; date of commission, Jan. 27, 1865; date of rank Jan. 12, 1865; discharged with regiment.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Allen, Henry E. - promoted Corporal; discharged with regiment.

Barnard, Leroy L. - Corporal; discharged with regiment.

Cowan, Charles D. - wounded at Resaca; promoted Corporal, Sergeant and Orderly Sergeant; discharged with regiment.

Coy, Lorenzo R. - promoted Sergeant; discharged with regiment.

Donohoe, Michael - Corporal; promoted Sergeant; discharged with regiment.

Gillford, Chauncy S. - promoted Corporal; one of the color guard at Peach Tree Creek and wounded there; discharged with regiment.

Hale, Fayette - Orderly Sergeant; wounded at Culp's Farm; discharged with regiment.

Harris, Andrew - promoted Corporal; discharged with regiment.

Howard, Horace E. - promoted Orderly Sergeant; wounded at Chancellorsville, and died from effects of wounds at Acquia Creek Hospital.

Knapp, Marek H. - promoted Corporal; a shell struck his knapsack at Chancellorsville, knocking him down; and discharged with regiment.

Ostrander, Warren - promoted to Corporal; wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Welch, Henry - promoted Corporal; wounded at Peach Tree Creek; discharged April 21, 1865.


Allard, William C. - died of disease at Washington, D.C., February 28, 1863.

Balermo, U. - Information unknown.

Barker, David H. - minor; not mustered in.

Bedell, Nathaniel - discharged with regiment.

Blossom, Joseph S. - discharged with regiment.

Boudevin, Visti - died in hospital at Chattanooga, Tenn.

Bowker, Martin - discharged with regiment.

Butler, Martin V. B. - discharged with regiment.

Carmody, Daniel S. - died at Stafford Court House, March 1863.

Cook, Altadore - discharged for disability.

Cook, Frankland - discharged with regiment.

Costello, Richard - discharged with regiment.

Cowan, George H. - taken prisoner at Chancellorsville; paroled; detailed Clerk at brigade headquarters; discharged with regiment.

Dickenson, Joseph - Information unknown.

Doane, Albert W. - died of wounds at Chancellorsville; one leg shot off. When struck he exclaimed, "Boys the Devils have hit me; but give them fits!" When last seen he was winding a gun strap around the stump of the limb and twisting it with a bayonet to stop the blood.

Donohoe, Thomas - wounded; lost use of arm at Peach Tree Creek; discharged with regiment.

Dowd, Horace - wounded at Culp's Farm; died of disease at Nashville, Tenn.

Dushon, Edward - discharged for disability; re-enlisted December 1863, in 16th Artillery; discharged in 1865.

Flood, Daniel - Information unknown.

Ford, James K. - discharged for disability.

Gillman, Titus E. - discharged with regiment.

Gordon, James - died at Harpers Ferry in 1863.

Haley, Andrew - Information unknown.

Harris, James - discharged with regiment.

Harris, Morris - detailed to Ambulance Corps; discharged with regiment.

Hayes, Michael - a musician; deserted at Stafford Court House.

Hayes, Ralph E. - died from diphtheria at Harpers Ferry, Va.

Heath, George C. - wounded; discharged with the regiment.

Heath, George C. - wounded; discharged with the regiment.

Hendley, William S. - Information unknown.

Hill, John F. - enlisted July 1863; discharged with regiment.

Hill, Noah G. - discharged with regiment.

Hill, William K. - discharged with regiment.

Humphrey, David J. - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Huntington, Thomas B. - discharged for disability, February, 1863.

Lahue, John - two years with regiment; transferred to Navy, onboard U.S. Steamer "Winnebago"; discharged.

License, Thomas J. - discharged with a regiment.

McCoy, John - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged.

McNorton, William - lost an arm at Gettysburg; discharged at Baltimore.

Mitchell, William - discharged with the regiment.

Mosher, Henry - wounded on picket at Stafford Court House; transferred to V. R. C.; discharged at Baltimore.

Mounts, Abel F. - disabled; discharged.

Mow, Francis - discharged with regiment.

Murphy, James - discharged with a regiment.

Murphy, John - discharged with a regiment.

Ormsby, Adolphus C. - killed on picket at Atlanta, Aug. 8, 1864.

Osborne, George - wounded at Resaca; died of disease in North Carolina.

Pilener, Uzille - detailed to Ambulance Corps; discharged with the regiment.

Pitts, Benjamin F. - wounded; discharged with regiment.

Pitts, John - killed at Resaca, Georgia.

Pitts, Russell B. - discharged.

Potter, Amos C. - wounded at Resaca; discharged with regiment.

Potter, Jonathan W. - Information unknown.

Potter, Philip - discharged with the regiment.

Potter, Samuel A. - discharged with regiment.

Potter, Stacey R. - detailed clerk at Brigade Headquarters; discharged with regiment.

Rasey, Edward B. - discharged with regiment.

Rasey, J. W. - Information unknown.

Reardon, William - died at Hilton Head, in October, 1864.

Rich, Edward - injured by falling from the cars; discharged.

Roquay, Brazilla - wounded; discharged.

Ryan, John - Information unknown.

Shaw, Milo - supposedly killed at Chancellorsville.

Sherman, John - wounded; discharged.

Smith, Walter - wounded at Gettysburg.

Stiles, Samuel - discharged with regiment.

Tanner, Edward - wounded at Chancellorsville, and died on the field.

Thayer, Nelson G. - shot through the head and killed by friendly fire at Gettysburg. Originally buried on the field and later reburied in the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Thompson, Warren - musician; discharged with regiment.

Tooley, Horace H. - wounded May 25, 1864 and died June 8, 1864 near Dallas, Ga. Buried in the Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia.

Tooley, William A. - Age, 21 years. Enlisted, August 19, 1862, at Granville, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. K, September 4, 1862; captured in action, May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville, Virginia; paroled, no date; killed in skirmish, April 10, 1865, at Aiken's Creek, North Carolina. Last man killed in the 123rd NYV.

Van Guilder, Frederick - served nine months; omitted from muster rolls; not paid; left regiment and enlisted in a Vermont regiment.

Waite, Benjamin F. - discharged with regiment.

Waite, Cassius J. - accidentally wounded; discharged.

Waite, Clark H. - died of disease at Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Walker, Thomas - discharged with regiment.

Warner, Edmund - deserted near Dumfries.

Washburne, Philip - Information unknown.

Waters, William - enlisted March 25, 1864; killed at Resaca.

Wescott, Charles C. - discharged for disability March, 1863.

Whitney, Philander - discharged with regiment.

Wilbar, Fayette - wounded and taken prisoner at Chancellorsville; paroled; discharged at Washington, D.C.

Wilkins, Henry - wounded at Resaca; discharged with regiment; resides at Calumet, Michigan.

William, William R. - home on sick leave; did not return.

Williams, Ellis - discharged with regiment.

Williams, John R. - discharged with regiment.

Willis, Edwin - discharged for disability, April 24, 1863.

Willis, Peter M. - discharged for disability, May 20, 1863.

Wilson, Eugene - enlisted March 25, 1864; discharged July 17, 1865.

Wright, Benjamin F. - supposed died at hospital at Nashville, Tenn.

Wright, Isaiah - transferred to Invalid Corps.

Wright, James A. - wounded at Culp's Farm.

Wright, James H. - in hospital fourteen months; discharged June, 1865.

Wright, Samuel - wounded, discharged.

Wyman, Benjamin F. - Information unknown.

Information compiled by Frank Pekar of Granville, New York.


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