123rd New York Volunteer Infantry

1862 - 1865

Roster - Company A

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123rd New York Company A Roster
Antique image of the 123 New York, Company A roster which is hanging in the Greenwich Journal office in Greenwich, New York.
Photo courtesy of Ed Robinson.

Greenwich and Easton

In the Civil War the old town of Greenwich furnished 231 men. 100 of the 231 lost their lives in service. Greenwich and the north half of Easton expended $88,074.82 and was represented mostly in the 123rd, 77, 93rd, 30th, and the 22nd Regiments. When it was resolved in July, 1862, to raise a Washington County Regiment, this town went to work with a will and determination to raise her quota promptly. The war committee designated Abram Reynolds as Captain of the company to be raised from Greenwich and the north half of Easton, a recruiting office was opened in the south end of Whiteside Hill's old block, since burned. It was the first company to reach the rendezvous at Salem, and was given the right of the regiment, Co. A, with 99 men. The Company received $4950 bounty from the County, and the same from the State, each man receiving $100 in all.

The town adopted appropriate measures to fill her quota at each call of the President for more men. At a special meeting held Oct. 30, 1862, a bounty of $2400 was authorized to be paid by the town's auditors. On the 18th of December, 1863, the action of the Board of Supervisors was ratified, and John Stuart, Jas. Lourie, Archibald Landrum, Morgan Heath and Isaac G. Parker were appointed to fill the quota under the President's call for 300,000 men, by paying $200 bonus to each man. The number of men to be raised was 52. At a special meeting held March 26, 1864, the Supervisor of the town, Isaac G. Parker, was authorized to pay $350 per volunteer, and Aug. 11, 1864, I G. Parker, N. G. Moore, Abram Reynolds, Wm. M. Holmes, J. T. Masters and Morgan Heath as a committee, were authorized to pay $500 per volunteer. On December 27, 1864, I G. Parker, Abram Reynolds and W. L. Cozzens were appointed a final committee to fill the quota.

Commissioned Officers

Reynolds, Abram - Captain; was the first captain of the company; date of commission, Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank, Aug. 9.; he resigned and was discharged July 18, 1863; was member of the Assembly for two terms after the war.

Mason, Alonzo T. - 1st Lieut.; date of commission Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank Aug. 9, 1862; promoted to Capt. Oct. 16, 1863; breveted Maj.; was aide-de-camp to Gen. Williams when the war closed; mustered out with regiment; died of consumption at Greenwich, New York, April 7, 1872.

Shaw, James C. - 2nd Lieut.; date of commission in Sept. 10, 1862; date of rank Aug. 9, 1862, promoted Captain of Co. B., July 21, 1863; discharged with regiment; elected Sheriff of Washington County in 1868.

Robinson, George I. - Orderly Sergeant; promoted 1st Lieut.; date of commission, Oct. 15, 1863; date of rank, July 18, 1863; commanded Company A while the Captain was on staff duty; at end of war, breveted Capt., U.S. Volunteers; discharged with regiment; resided at Schuylerville, Saratoga County, New York, after the war.

Bosworth, Harvey - Sergeant; promoted 2nd Lieut. July 10, 1863; was aide-de-camp to brevet Brigadier General Seifridge, commanding Brigade; discharged with regiment; resided at Troy after the war.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Harrison, William - Sergeant; killed at Chancellorsville May 1, 1863; buried on the field.

Norton, Albert A. - Sergeant; detached with Invalid Corps; discharged with regiment.

Stafford, Joseph - Sergeant; wounded and taken prisoner at Chancellorsville May 3, 1863; discharged with regiment.

Cook, Albert Moses - Corporal; promoted Sergeant, November 14, 1863; took sick and sent to Nashville when regiment commenced the Atlanta campaign; discharged with regiment; from Greenwich; buried in Whitehall, New York.

Cowan, Eugene - Corporal; promoted Sergeant; discharged with regiment; resided at Chicago, Il., after the war.

Richards, John - Corporal; promoted Sergeant November 11, 1863; discharged with regiment.

Dobbin, William - Corporal; died of fever at Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 10, 1864.

Hyatt, Aaron M. - Corporal; discharged with regiment.

Janes, Roswell B. - Corporal; died at Stafford Court House, March 5, 1863.

LaPoint, Joseph C. - Corporal; age, 22 years, enlisted, August 9, 1862, at Greenwich, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. A, September 4, 1862; promoted corporal, May 1, 1863; wounded in action, July 20, 1864, at Peach Tree Creek, Ga.; sent home until August 16, 1864, but never returned to service.

Manning, William - Corporal; wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Rice, Hiram - Corporal; discharged with the regiment.


Allan, Joshua - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Allen, Albert - died at Murfreesboro, Tenn., of chronic diarrhea, Dec. 21, 1863; supposedly buried there.

Bach, George K. - discharged with regiment.

Baker, John - while the regiment was stationed at Elk River, John married a girl in Lincoln County, Tenn., and when the regiment left for the front, he remained behind.

Bartlett, William - killed at Chancellorsville; buried on the field.

Baumes, John - discharged with regiment.

Baumes, Oscar - killed at Chancellorsville; buried on the field.

Bennett, James H. - recruit.

Bentley, Anson - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Bourrie, Ferdinand - discharged with regiment.

Bouter, Ezra - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Briggs, Leroy - discharged with regiment.

Brown, Adelbert - discharged with regiment.

Burtis, Evander - died in Philadelphia while en route to Washington, 1862.

Campbell, Charles - discharged with regiment.

Chapman, Drias - recruit; discharged with regiment.

Clark, Palmer K. - musician, wounded and taken prisoner at Chancellorsville; discharged December 25, 1864.

Cramer, George L. - transferred to V.R.C., Sept., 1862; discharged June 24, 1865.

Curtis, John - Information unknown.

Cutter, John - reenlisted in Company A in Sept., 1864; discharged with regiment.

Decker, John - taken prisoner while on skirmish line at Culp's (Kolb's) Farm, Georgia; discharged with regiment.

Dings, Charles - Information unknown.

Dixon, Phineas F. - enlisted in Sept., 1864; discharged with regiment, resided in Argile, New York, after the war.

Dobbin, Alexander - Enlisted at age 19 years on August 6, 1862, at Greenwich, to serve three years; mustered in as a private, Co. A, September 4, 1862; captured in action, May 3, 1863, at Chancellorsville, Va.; paroled, no date; mustered out with the company, June 8, 1865, near Washington, D.C.

Donn, John - discharged with regiment; resided at North Adams, Massachusetts, after the war.

Donohoe, David - discharged for disability, Feb. 2, 1863.

Downing, Elisha - discharged with regiment.

Dunlap, Martin F. - Information unknown.

Durham, Richard H. - Enlisted as a private, Aug. 8, 1862; promoted Corporal; fought in battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Resaca, Casville, New Hope Church and Culp's (Kolb's) Farm; taken prisoner at Culp's Farm, June 22, 1864; confined in Andersonville Prison as prisoner of war until June 8, 1865; discharged with regiment. Born, May 6, 1838. Applied for pension in 1873 after falling off a horse and dislocating his shoulder in the New Mexico Territory.

Faxon, Cortland - discharged with regiment.

Fenton, William - wounded at Gettysburg July 2, 1863; transferred to V.R.C. May 16, 1864; discharged July 7, 1865.

Ferris, James H. - Information unknown.

Fones, Samuel - discharged with regiment.

Fowler, Charles A. - discharged with regiment; drowned July 4, 1879.

Fuller, Burdick - wounded at Dallas, Ga.; discharged with regiment.

Galusha, Abel - discharged with regiment.

Galusha, Richard - discharged with regiment.

Giles, Thomas O. - Information unknown.

Gillson, Charles - discharged with regiment.

Groome, John - discharged with regiment.

Hastings, Zackariah - died at Harper's Ferry December 25, 1862; supposedly buried there.

Hatch, Jonathan - discharged with the regiment.

Hay, George H. - wounded at Chancellorsville; transferred to V.R.C. April 10, 1864.

Hay, James - discharged July 10, 1865.

Hemstreet, Alexander - Information unknown.

Hillman, John F. - discharged with regiment.

Hornibrook, John - discharged for disability July 15, 1864.

Hughes, John - deserted; came back under President's pardon proclamation and transferred to the 60th N.Y.S.V. to serve out full-time.

Hughes, Thomas - wounded at Culp's Farm June 22, 1864; discharged with regiment.

Hyde, Benjamin H. - Information unknown.

Hyde, John H. - killed at Chancellorsville; buried on the field.

Irving, David - Information unknown.

Karnagham, Robert - discharged with regiment.

Knapp, Frank - discharged with regiment.

Knapp, Harry - scout for General Kane; discharged June 29, 1863.

Lambert, Alexander - discharged with regiment.

Lamphire, Nathan - killed at Winchester Springs, Tenn., Jan. 12, 1864; buried at Elk River Bridge.

Lampman, Henry - died Acquia Creek hospital of wounds received at Chancellorsville; supposedly buried at Acquia Creek.

Lampman, John - discharged with regiment.

Lapoint, Charles - killed at Culp's Farm; buried on the field.

Lapoint, Vital - discharged with regiment.

Livingston, James - discharged with regiment.

Long, Lucius - discharged with regiment.

MacCollough, Thomas - reenlisted from the 22nd Regiment Aug. 25, 1864; discharged with the regiment.

Mitchell, Alexander - died of disease at Chattanooga, Tenn., Aug. 16, 1864.

Mosher, Edwin B. - discharged with the regiment.

Orton, Wallace - wounded at Gettysburg; discharged at Philadelphia.

Parks, Daniel - discharged with regiment.

Pilling, James - wounded at Chancellorsville; transferred to Invalid Corps; discharged May 21, 1865.

Potter, Albert - killed on skirmish line at Atlanta, Ga., July 30, 1864; buried there.

Previe, John - discharged April 17, 1865.

Rice, Alonzo - discharged with regiment.

Rice, Hiram - promoted to corporal; discharged with regiment.

Rodier, Benjamin F. - Information unknown.

Rosebush, Adolphus - discharged with regiment; died at Greenwich, New York, of consumption.

Russell, George L. - discharged with regiment.

Scott, John - Information unknown.

Scranton, William H. - Information unknown.

Sears, George W. - Enlisted at age 25, August 9, 1862, at Greenwich, N.Y., to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. A, September 4, 1862; mustered out with the company, June 8, 1865, near Washington, D.C. [To view a short biography on Pvt. George W. Sears, click here. The biography was provided to us by Chris Mulholland, USMC (ret), great-great-grandnephew of Pvt. George W. Sears.]

Shearer, John - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Shearer, Martin - discharged with the regiment.

Sheffield, George - discharged with regiment.

Sheffield, William - discharged July 13, 1865.

Smith, William J. - discharged with the regiment.

Sparhawk, Oscars - wounded and taken prisoner at Chancellorsville; discharged May, 1865.

Spencer, John A. - discharged with regiment.

Spencer, William H. - discharged with regiment; died in Greenwich, New York, in 1873.

Steves, Jacobus - died at Harper's Ferry, Feb. 10, 1863; supposedly buried there.

Stewart, Reuben - discharged with regiment.

Tanner, Albert W. - promoted to corporal; discharged with regiment.

Tefft, Caleb B. - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Tefft, Charles - wounded at Resaca, Georgia.

Tefft, Hiram B. - transferred to Navy, April 17, 1864, and shipped on board U.S. Steamship "Winnebago" as ship Corporal, April 24, 1864. Was present at the time of the capture of the rebel ram "Tenn." and the gunboats "Selma" and "Gaines" four large scows and four sloops. Also at the capture of Fort Morgan, Fort Gaines, Spanish Fort and the city of Mobile. Was discharged Aug. 7, 1865.

Tucker, Charles - wounded at Chancellorsville; promoted to corporal November 14, 1863; discharged with regiment.

Van Arnum, Benjamin - Information unknown.

Waller, Monroe - discharged with regiment.

Weir, Archibald - recruit, enlisted Aug. 31, 1864; died in hospital at Chattanooga, Tenn., Jan. 8, 1865, of typhoid fever; supposedly buried there.

Whipple, David - Information unknown.

Whitaker, Le Roy - enlisted in the old 9th N.Y. in June, 1863, discharged on account of sickness; reenlisted in Company A; 123rd regiment, fall of 1864, and joined the regiment at Atlanta; discharged with regiment.

Wilcox, Albert - died at his home in Moreau, Saratoga County, while a patient in Saterlee Hospital, May 31, 1863.

Williams, Erastus T. - discharged May 24, 1865.

Wilmarth, Alfred - wagoneer; discharged for disability Feb. 21, 1863.

Wilson, John - discharged for disability March 16, 1863.

Wilson, Thomas - discharged with regiment.

Wolff, Martin J. - enlisted in March, 1864; died in a hospital at Jeffersonville; supposedly buried there.

Wright, Leroy - wounded at Chancellorsville and killed at Peachtree Creek; buried on the field.

Wright, Thomas - discharged with regiment.

Young, Arnold A. - musician, discharged May 28, 1865.

Young, Hiram T. - wounded at Chancellorsville; discharged with regiment.

Information compiled by Bob Farrell.


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